Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Progress For All

With the goal of Progress for All, the Hudson City Democratic Committee builds grassroots support for policy initiatives and candidates. It is the official local body of the Democratic Party and works to ensure fair and transparent local elections.

Read our Vision for Hudson and see our endorsed candidates

Monday, August 14, 2017

Protect Waterfront

Tuesday, August 15 7pm
City Hall
520 Warren St

The Common Council votes Tuesday night on whether to set aside $50,000 for legal fees. These funds are needed in order to protect our interests concerning the proposed haul road through the South Bay, which would increase truck traffic and limit how we use our waterfront for generations to come.

We have a tight deadline to respond to Greenport's recent negative declaration on this project's environmental impact. If we don't respond, we are allowing the road to proceed, without Hudson's input.

Please attend and urge your representatives to vote "yes" so that Hudson can protect its waterfront and its people.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Commercial Property Owners: Learn About Energize NY PACE financing

The City of Hudson has announced the availability of funding for commercial property energy upgrades through the “Energize NY” financing program.

Commercial Property Owners can learn more about the program by attending the upcoming information session.
August 18 6-7pm
Chamber of Commerce
One North Front Street, Hudson, NY.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Peter Volkmann for Columbia County Sherrif

Experience. Integrity. Leadership.

Peter Volkmann’s career has been focused on safety, protection, and crisis intervention. He holds degrees in both Criminal Justice and Social Work. He was a police officer and EMT in Ossining for over 20 years and served as director of the New York State Zone 14 Law Enforcement Academy. During his time as police chief in Stockport, it was named the safest town in the state of New York. Chief Volkmann repeated this achievement in his current position, as chief of the Chatham Police Department, when Chatham was named the safest village in NY. In 2016, Chief Volkmann launched Chatham Cares 4U, a much-praised program to combat the opioid crisis plaguing our community. CC4U helps residents suffering from drug addiction by securing them placement in and transportation to inpatient drug treatment programs.

Chief Volkmann’s record shows that he understands the most pressing challenges facing law enforcement and our communities today. Communities trust law enforcement to keep them safe, but safety goes beyond writing tickets and making arrests. Safety encompasses engaging with the community and establishing trust. Safety means ensuring that law enforcement officers receive training to help them be more effective in crisis situations and keep them safe. Safety also means identifying and finding humane solutions for those in need of help.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Petitioning Success

Thank you to everyone who signed a Hudson Democrat petition during this campaign season. The Hudson City Democratic Committee (HCDC) and supporters collected 950 signatures to help get candidates on the ballot. Special thanks to our top petitioners: Michael Chameides, William Hughes, Jr., Sarah Sterling. All 14 HCDC endorsed candidates, plus the 2 Columbia County Democratic Committee candidates, successfully made the Democratic line.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hudson Candidates

The Hudson City Democratic Committee (HCDC) has endorsed 14 local candidates whose goals align with the committee’s vision of "Progress for All." The candidates have committed to work toward a more inclusive city that meets the needs of all its residents. These candidates have identified economic development, affordable housing, and the waterfront as important issues for the next term.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rally in the Valley

Join this weekend of programming to rally public support for Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood.

July 21 - 23
Hudson, NY
Full Schedule

The weekend culminates in a Rally
Sunday, July 23, 5-7pm
Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood's Hudson Health Center
190 Fairview Ave

Music, Dancing and light food will be provided, as will free Planned Parenthood swag!