Saturday, November 3, 2007

Register-Star runs the same letter by Mike O'Hara Twice

The Register-Star ran a letter by Michael O'Hara TWICE this week.

The letter was in response to
lies and distortions being perpetuated by
Rick Scalera and his inner circle.

Here is Mike's letter:

Clearing the Air

In my race for mayor, I have visited the homes of hundreds of people here in Hudson. Throughout these visits I have been thrilled to find that the overwhelming number of citizens of Hudson share my vision for Hudson's future based upon responsible leadership.But lately, a number of people have relayed conversations they had with Rick Scalera or members of his inner circle during which they have told outright lies regarding my positions. Let me state clearly what my position on these matters is.

· The Hudson Police Department will not be outsourced under my administration. I believe that more community-based police work is what is called for not less.

· Our Police Officers and the city have suffered with an inadequate Police Station for more than 10 years. I have a plan to provide a proper and modern facility that will meet the department's needs well into Hudson's future. But unlike Mr. Scalera's previous "great deals"that have saddled the city's taxpayers with an almost unending burden and expense I will do it responsibly.

· The Hudson Fire Department will not be converted from a volunteer to a paid force. Hudson's brave firefighters have an excellent performance record which I have every expectation would continue. It is absurd to think that I would advocate adding more than one million dollars annually to the already strained budget, when we already have one of the best forces in the nation.

I don't mind competing in this race on the record, but I do not want to compete with lies and distortions. If you hear anything that doesn't seem quite right, I urge you to ask me about it personally. My phone is 828-3417 or visit my website at mayormike2008.

I hope that you will support me in my effort to make Hudson work usingresponsible leadership. Hudson deserves nothing less.


Michael O'Hara