Thursday, February 28, 2008

Committee to Replace Wanda Pertilla for 2nd Ward Seat

The Hudson City Democratic Committee will accept nominations and will elect a replacement for the 2nd Ward seat vacated by Wanda Hughes Pertilla at it's next scheduled meeting on Tuesday March 11.

The committee was proud to elect Ms. Pertilla to the seat at it's last meeting. Unfortunately, due to the nearly one year waiting period for changes of party affiliation, Alderwoman Pertilla's switch from the Independence Party to the Democratic Party will not take effect until January 1, 2009. Therefore Ms. Pertilla has submitted her resignation.

The committee regrets that Wanda, who is the Democratic Majority Leader of the Hudson Common Council, will not be able to take a seat on the committee in 2008. However, we are looking forward and remain committed to working together with the Leader as well as with the entire Common Council.

The March 11 meeting will be held at 7pm at Board of Elections, 401 State Street, Hudson