Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ken Dow Announces for State Senate

Ken Dow Announces for the State Senate seat currently being held by Republican Sen. Steven Saland.

On Tuesday, February 26, Ken Dow, former Columbia County Democratic Chairman and former Columbia County Elections Commissioner , announced his candidacy for New York State Senate, 41st District, Columbia and Dutchess Counties. The announcement took place on the front steps of the Columbia County Courthouse.

From Ken's Website:

I am seeking this office for many reasons, but above all, because for the last several decades, the strains and burdens on regular working people and their families have grown greater and greater, with no serious progress toward their resolution. We live in a time of both promise and challenge, and it calls on us to move forward with vision and courage. As your State Senator I will work to provide the leadership, vigor and priorities necessary to unlock the opportunity that should be the birthright of every New Yorker. It's time to get New York moving again.

Taking duty seriously.

I believe the duty of a State Senator encompasses at least three roles:

One, of course, is to be an advocate for the interests of his or her constituents.

Another is to be a guardian and steward—of our laws, our land, our opportunities and our freedom, and our future.

A third is to lead.

The issues that most directly affect our lives and futures are difficult and complex—education, taxes, jobs, health care, energy, environment and climate, to name a few---and we need to face them with the intelligence, determination, and immediacy that they require. Charting a wise and fair course through such crucial matters--dealing with the major issues that shape our lives--should be the fundamental duty of our elected representatives, but it is often neglected in favor of easier and more ingratiating political pursuits. The result: in so many important matters, New York is standing still. We can't stand still any longer. We need political leaders with a new sense of duty.

My purpose and commitment is to provide true leadership forward. I will work to earn your trust and support, and I look forward to serving you as State Senator from the 41st District.

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Campaign Contact: Lisa Baker Brill
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