Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mayor Scalera and others join in endorsing Richard Koweek for City Judge

Mayor Scalera endorses Richard Koweek for Hudson City Judge.

At a rally organized by the Hudson City Democratic Committee today, Mayor Richard Scalera announced his endorsement of Richard M. Koweek in his race for Hudson City Judge. In addition to Carmine Peirro, who delivered the Mayor's endorsement also speaking in support of Mr. Koweek was Supervisor William Hughes Jr. (Hudson-4) and Pat Maloy. Other elected officials attending the announcement were, Aldermen Abdus Miah and Wanda Hughes Pertilla (2nd Ward), Elvie Tillman (4th Ward) and Robert Donahue (5th Ward). Mr. Koweek was previously endorsed by the Hudson City Democratic Committee at it's last monthly meeting.

From the Mayor's endorsement:
"As Mayor I am pleased to join the chorus of those that stand here tonight in support of Richard Koweek for our City Judge. Today we have a candidate we can all unite behind...As a life long resident, I too have have witnessed Richard unselfishly involving himself over the years civically, socially and now politically. All for the betterment of our community.

Undoubtedly our city judge has to be a special person who understands Hudson issues. Someone who is fair, firm and at the same time able to send a message to the wrongdoers, that their actions will not be tolerated in our community...Who better to have than Richard Koweek as our City Judge, when that famous red phone rings at 3 o'clock in the morning and knowing that 10 minutes later he will be on the job. We deserve and should expect nothing less from our judge."

I believe the choice is clear, Richard Koweek will make a great City Judge and I'm proud to endorse his candidacy"

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