Sunday, November 23, 2008

Memorial Service to be Held for Bob Soto, Hudson Committee Member

A Celebration of

Bob Soto's Life
will be held at
December 3rd at 3:00 pm.

Light refreshments will be offered courtesy of Chef Danielle Ray as we look back at Bob's selfless efforts on behalf of a number of local community causes in the last decade. The reception will last until 6 pm.

Larry Marshall, Bob's partner, is so touched by the kindness and support he has received during this very difficult time, and would like people to know that a notice will be published in the Register Star nearer the time.

Please Note:
To honor Bob's preference, flowers should be white, please.

Amanda Henry also sends the following message:
I'd like to ask the community for help to enable Larry to put the house together for Winter Walk, and help him have his porch, garden and front two parlors dressed for a small goods sale and decorated with Christmas lighting etc.- so if anyone asks you if he needs help, the answer is YES PLEASE! He does. He is planning to be dressed as a Dickensian Gentleman, and have the downstairs of the house open for Winter Walk as he had done in the past and enjoyed so much.

Any further offers of help with this community-supported event would be very gratefully received. Please contact Amanda Henry for further information at