Sunday, November 9, 2008

Register-Star Clears Up Errors Regarding the Vote Tally in Hudson and the 2nd Ward

This morning John Mason clears up some errors concerning the vote tally in Hudson's 2nd Ward, that were reported in yesterdays edition of the Register-Star.

Apparently the 5th Ward 2nd District Totals were substituted in error for the 2nd Ward totals. It is unclear how the error happened.

The 2nd Ward traditionally is the most reliably Democratic district in the county. But this year was incredible, giving Congresswoman Gillibrand a 6 to 1 win over her opponent in the district.
In fact every Democrat on the ticket beat their opponent by at least 2 1/2 to 1 in the 2nd Ward.

When asked by the paper to explain the huge margins in the Ward, Committee Chairman Victor Mendolia explained that there was a coordinated effort to turn out the vote in the 2nd, 4th and 5th Wards between the Democratic Committee, elected officials and the various campaigns. The effort involved driving voters to the polls, creating and distributing sample ballots and assembling a team of attorneys and party officials to trouble shoot any problems that voters encountered at the polls.

From todays article:
City Democratic Committee Chairman Victor Mendolia said the committee, Supervisor William C. Hughes Jr., D-Hudson4 and Common Council members Wanda Hughes Pertilla, I-2nd Ward and Abdus Miah, D-2nd Ward, coordinated rides all day for voters in their wards, and the committee also coordinated with Phil Abitabile and Pat Maloy of the Richard Koweek judicial campaign to make sure his Fifth Ward supporters made it to the polls.

“The Second Ward is always the most solidly Democratic Ward,” Mendolia said in an e-mail. “We knew that we would see a big turnout with Barack Obama at the head of the ticket. So we produced a sample ballot that pushed the phrase ‘Vote Row A — All the Way.’ On the sample ballot we also gave the numbers for rides to the polls and for our Voter Protection Team in case of anybody being denied the right to vote. Luckily there were not many problems but we had a team of attorneys ready in case there were.”

Mendolia said the committee plans to continue fostering the alliances between lifelong residents, newcomers, old-line Democrats, progressives and Hudson’s communities of color that were brought together in this campaign.

Read the entire article in the Register-Star here.
The original article reporting the incorrect figures is here.

To see the unofficial tally for Hudson and all of Columbia County go to the Columbia County Democratic Committee Totals here.

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