Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Year It's Simple! Vote Row A - All the Way!

This is an historic election in so many ways. It has truly been a year of "firsts". We are looking at electing an inspirational, capable, level-headed leader to clean up the mess of 8 horrible years of Republican rule that can only be described as a complete and utter failure, and to plot a new course for our nation and the world. What an exciting year it is to actually be able to go to the polls and elect Barack Obama our next President.

On the local level here in Hudson we also have five outstanding Democrats on the ballot. Making 2008 one of the easiest elections in recent memory. You cannot lose by doing one simple thing. Vote Row A - All The Way!

Each of these five candidates will serve Hudson and our area with the best understanding of the struggles we face after the disaster of the Bush Presidency and decades of Republican cronyism, corruption and neglect on the county level. They understand what it will take to get beyond the current state of affairs and bring back the promise of this country. So learn about the people on the Democratic ticket and we are sure you will agree that this year it's Row A - All the Way!

In the order they will appear on the ballot:

Barack Obama and Joe Biden
for President and Vice-President

Judge Patrick McGrath
for Supreme Court

Kirsten Gillibrand
for Congress

Ken Dow
for State Senate

Anne Rubin
for Assembly

Richard Koweek for
Hudson Cit
y Judge