Saturday, March 28, 2009

Now Leading in the Polls... Three Final Visits with Scott Murphy in Hudson this Weekend

As you probably have heard by now, Scott Murphy leads Jim Tedisco by 4 Points in the latest Siena Poll.
This is tremendous. Scott started this race more than 20 points behind and is now in the lead. But it will all come down to who turns out to vote. Scott knows how important Hudson and Columbia County are to his victory and is proving it by putting 10 campaign workers into the county and by having three major campaign appearances in Hudson this weekend with the third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, James Clyburn.

We need your help to make the events a success and to help us turn out the vote in record numbers in Hudson and in the County.
Help us make Hudson the area that sends Scott Murphy to Congress.

Here is what you can do:

Canvass or Phone Bank:
Please take an hour or two out to canvass door to door, speak with your neighbors about the importance of this election and turning out to vote. You can also help facilitate an absentee ballot for anyone unable to vote at the poll on Tuesday. There are people canvassing every area of the city and much of the county every day and evening through Tuesday. There is also phone banking going on non-stop at headquarters in Ghent.
If you can spare even an hour, please call Jen Martin at HQ 518-392-2487 or 315-525-4853 or email her at
Any amount of time you can spare is greatly appreciated.

Attend one or all of these events:
Saturday March 28th evening 6pm -7:30
Scott Murphy and Majority Whip - Representative James Clyburn invite you a pre-election celebration at Mexican Radio restaurant in Hudson (537 Warren Street). This is a fund-raising event, the bottom level ticket is $100. But we don't want anyone to not attend due to a lack of funds. So if you can't swing $100 yourself, bring a friend and each pay $50 or bring 4 friends and each pay $20. The point is, just come.

Sunday March 29 Morning at 11am
Scott Murphy and Representative Clyburn will be the guests of honor at services at Shiloh Baptist Church (14 Warren Street)

Sunday March 29 at Noon

Scott will drop by Basilica Industria (which is the staging area for canvassers through election day) for a rally to thank volunteers and supporters (110 South Front Street, just past the Amtrak Station).