Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hudson City Democrats Make Third Round of Endorsements

Tuesday June 9th, 2009

Hudson - At its regular monthly meeting, the Hudson City Democratic Committee met for a third round of endorsements.

On the Columbia County Board of Supervisors: both John Musall, representing the 1st Ward and Joe Finn in the 3rd Ward were endorsed unanimously for re-election, by those voting.

On the Hudson Common Council: In the contest for Alderman in the 1st Ward, Sarah Sterling was endorsed in the first round of voting and Carole Osterink was endorsed in the second round.
Wanda Pertilla-2nd Ward, Chris Wagoner-3rd Ward, were also both endorsed unanimously by those voting.

The endorsed Democratic ticket for the
2009 Hudson elections stands at:

Citywide Races
Mayor - Rick Scalera
Treasurer - Eileen Halloran
Common Council President - Don Moore

Ward Races
1st Ward Supervisor - John Musall
1st Ward Alderman - Sarah Sterling
1st Ward Alderman - Carole Osterink

2nd Ward Supervisor - Ed Cross III
2nd Ward Alderman - Abdus Miah
2nd Ward Alderman - Wanda Pertilla

3rd Ward Supervisor - Joe Finn
3rd Ward Alderman - Ellen Thurston
3rd Ward Alderman - Chris Wagoner

4th Ward Supervisor - William Hughes Jr.
4th Ward Alderman - Sheila Ramsey
4th Ward Alderman - Ohrine Stewart

5th Ward Alderman - Robert Donahue Sr.
5th Ward Alderman - David Franck