Monday, September 21, 2009

Hudson City Democratic Committee Reconstitutes

Hudson City Democratic Committee 
met to reconstitute itself this evening. 

There are two committee members for each of Hudson's seven election districts. Committee members were required to submit petitions and run for seats on the committee which carry a two year term.

The following people submitted petitions for the seats. 
1st Ward: Michael O'Hara
2nd Ward: Abdus Miah
2nd Ward: Victor Mendolia
3rd Ward 1st District: Ginna Moore
3rd Ward 1st District: Dan Renehan
3rd Ward 2nd District: Debby Mayer
4th Ward: William Hughes Jr.
5th Ward 1st District: Lee Gould
5th Ward 1st District: Dale Stewart

Had anyone else submitted petitions, an election would have been held September 15th.  Instead each of these candidates were officially certified as the winners.

After reconstituting itself, the newly reformed committee appointed local merchant Melinda Slover to the open 1st Ward seat.

In other action: 
Victor Mendolia was reelected Chair of the committee. 
Ginna Moore was elected Vice-Chair.
Melinda Slover was elected Treasurer.

The Committee extends its warmest thanks and admiration to those committee members who chose not run again this term. Hilary Hillman, Peter Jung, Ruth Moser, Eileen Halloran, Robert Donahue and Paul Crayton (Slink Moss) have each contributed in many ways to the success and future of the Democratic Party in Hudson. We thank them for their service.