Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hudson Library Ballot Proposition

The Library Budget Propositions
 The ballot measures in Hudson and Greenport are independent. 
Hudson's passes. Greenport's fails.
The library budget proposition was approved 
by Hudson Voters. 
Yes 472   No 208
Hudson’s property tax contribution to the library will increase from $48,000 to $120,000 a year.

 It was narrowly defeated in Greenport.
Yes 414  No 432
Had it passed, Greenport’s contribution to the library would have increased from $5,500 to $16,500 annually.
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Library Ballot Proposition
to be voted on 
November 3rd.

The Hudson Supervisor, 5th Ward Alderman and Common Council President races aren't the only things on the ballot on November 3rd

The Hudson Area Library has placed a Ballot Proposition on the ballot this November 3rd. The great people at the Library have asked us to get the word out about it and to encourage people to vote yes.

For the City of Hudson, the average assessment is $108,000. Hudson homeowners would be asked, on average, to pay an additional $2 a month ($24 per year) to help support the Library. This will bring the total community-based funding the Library will receive from City homeowners to $120,000.

They have put together a web page explaining what the measure will and will not do. Check it out and make up your mind before you hit the voting booth.

If you approve the propositions, the Hudson Area Library will be able to:
  • Extend library hours
  • Enhance staffing for our children’s programs and activities
  • Enhance staffing to help all of our patrons
  • Add to our collections—especially new adult fiction books
  • Increase public computer access and create a space just for adult users
  • Extend the History Room hours
  • Clean up and brighten the library by hiring a professional cleaning service
  • Get out into the community more to let everyone know about our great programs and services

If the propositions do not pass, the Library will be forced to make substantial cuts to its programs and services including:
  • No new materials purchases—no new books, CDs, DVDs, computer programs, periodical subscriptions
  • Cut programs for children and seniors
  • Cut hours—Library will only be open 35 hours per week
  • Institute a fee for all inter-Library loans
  • Severely curtail access and possibly close the History Room
  • Reduce staff even further which will adversely impact how much we can help with research, computer access and job search assistance. 
Find out more at the Library's ballot prop special web page.
If you agree that you would like to support the library, sign their petition.

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