Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In First Run for Office 5th Ward Alderman Candidate David Franck Fails But Makes Mark

In what everyone knew would be a difficult race in Hudson's 5th Ward, on his first try for public office, David Franck gave 8-term incumbent Robert Donahue and 6-term incumbent Richard Goetz the only competitive race in Hudson's Common Council.

Mr. Donahue ran on the Democratic and Independence lines. Mr. Goetz ran on the Republican, Independence and on Linda Mussmann's Bottom Line Party. Mr. Franck ran on the Democratic line with the enthusiastic support of the Hudson City Democratic Committee. 
The Register-Star had endorsed Mr. Franck over his competitors in Hudson's most conservative ward. 

The preliminary results after re-canvass were:
Donahue - 304
Goetz - 269
Franck - 169

The Hudson City Democratic Committee congratulates Aldermen Donahue and Goetz on their wins. We would also like to thank David Franck for a job well done in his first shot at public office.  We hope it will not be his last.