Saturday, December 12, 2009

Scalera Supports Gay Marriage

In a recent article in the Register-Star, Hudson Mayor Rick Scalera indicated his support for the rights of same-sex couples to marry.
In the article which was about a film on the subject of same-sex marriage which played at TSL-Time and Space Limited, the mayor said that he did not always support gay marriage, and it took some serious thinking to change his position, but he is now firmly behind it.

“I don’t understand it, if two people love each other let them get married,” said Scalera, who considers himself one of the most conservative Democrats in the county. “I wasn’t always that way though, it took me some time to come around. I don’t have any problem with gay marriage. Once it’s legal, line them up, I’ll marry them.”

The New York State Senate recently defeated a bill to legalize gay marriage in NY. Local Senator Stephen Saland (R) voted no as did every other Republican in the Senate. The Assembly had previously passed the bill and Governor David Paterson, a major advocate of the bill, had promised to sign it.

More info at: Marriage Equality NY and Empire State Pride Agenda