Saturday, January 16, 2010

Get More Involved in the Process

Ever wanted to get more involved in Democratic politics?

Now is your chance.

The Hudson City Democratic Committee has two vacancies.

One of the vacant seats is representing Hudson's 4th Ward, and the other is representing the 5th Ward-2nd District. You do not necessarily have to reside in those districts but preference may be given to those who do.

A seat on the Hudson City Democratic Committee also conveys with it, a seat on the Columbia County Democratic Committee. Both the Hudson Committee and the County Committee each meet once a month in Hudson.

Requirements: You must be an enrolled Democrat and live in the City of Hudson.
No special knowledge of government or politics required. Just a desire to help build a stronger, more vibrant and more inclusive Democratic Party. Young people are particularly encouraged to apply

Duties: carry ballot petitions for candidates, help fundraise, attend at least 2 meetings per month and contribute your ideas energy and convictions to the discussion.

Please address letters of interest to