Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hudson Democrats Urge Restructuring of City Government

The Hudson City Democratic Committee has made a formal request with the Hudson Common Council to investigate the possibility of charter revisions to reform the structure of Hudson’s government.

Some of the changes the committee wishes the Council to look at include:
• Elimination of Commissioners
• Elimination of weighted voting by redrawing districts of equal population
• Considering length of terms for officials
• Possibility of decreasing the number of Alderman and/or Supervisors
Both Mayor Richard Scalera and Common Common Council President Donald Moore support the changes and say they are overdue.

President Moore said
“It has become clear there needs to be an administrative structure that represents the character of the city in the 21st century and not the character of the city in the 19th century,” Moore said. “There has been a good deal of discussion about reform of county government, it is only fitting that the city also undertake examination of its own house.”
Mayor Scalera said he supports every piece of the HCDC proposal.
“I think it’s an excellent idea,” he said. “Commissioners are heroes in my mind but there is overlapping responsibility. The weighted vote is way overdue to be changed, it’s just not a good way of doing business. I hope the discussion continues on and if the voters are informed and vote I think it’s a good thing for Hudson’s future.”

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