Thursday, April 15, 2010

Board of Supervisors Loosens Requirements for Comptroller

Columbia County Board of Supervisors votes to not require comptroller be a CPA.

Only Democratic Supervisors William Hughes Jr (D-Hudson-4), Edward Cross (D-Hudson-2), and Robin Andrews (D-Claverack) and Republican Supervisor Kevin McDonald (R-Livingston) voted to maintain the requirement.

Supervisor Hughes said: 
"I’ve been publicly critical of this whole process. This has made me uncomfortable right from the beginning."

At the public hearing prior to the vote, Hudson City Democratic Committee Chairman Victor Mendolia called the re-opening of the hiring process a do-over and said:
"I’m hoping at some point there are enough people at the table when things are being discussed so you don’t have to do it over again ... the way this board is being run, I believe, is to the detriment of the county"