Monday, January 31, 2011

Chairman Mendolia Proposes Charter Revision Commission

Hudson City Democratic Committee Chairman Victor Mendolia has proposed the formation of a Charter Revision Commission to the Common Council Legal Committee. The proposal suggests that the Charter Revision Commission look at a number of areas for possible changes to the structure of Hudson's city government.

The goal of such changes would aim to optimize efficiency, foster fair and equal representation and seek the best possible model for responsible government with the ability and incentive for long range planning. The proposal includes the consideration of election districts of equal population, eliminating the "weighted vote" that is currently in use; increasing the Mayor's term of office to 4 years; a possible change in the number of Supervisors and other potential changes.

Chairman Mendolia states, "Perhaps the most important and pressing change necessary is the redrawing of election districts with equal populations.  Our current system of weighted voting means that some members of the Common Council hold weighted votes nearly two or three times the weighted votes of the other members.  Equal population districts will eliminate the need for weighted voting and truly bring the City of Hudson's government into complete compliance with the "one person - one vote" standard, which most modern governments operate under.

Mr. Mendolia continued: "Many of these proposals have been floated before. In fact most of them were previously put to the voters in 1997 and 2003, but were rejected. But I believe that the time is right to get these very sensible changes done. In this era of fiscal restraint, we need to look at every option to make our government more efficient and to give our elected officials the tools they need for long range planning."

The Common Council Legal Committee currently has the proposal under consideration.  If a Charter Revision Commission is approved, any recommendations would be placed before the voters as referenda. 

We will be posting updates here as things move along.  

To read the complete proposal, click here