Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Judge Richard Koweek to Seek County Judge Position

Hudson City Judge Richard Koweek to seek Columbia County Court Judge seat.

Judge Richard Koweek announced today that he is running for the position of Columbia County Court Judge this November.

For the past 32 years, Mr. Koweek’s law practice has concentrated in the areas of surrogate practice, criminal law, civil law and family law. More recently he has had the privilege of serving his community in the capacity of Hudson City Court Judge, bringing to the bench a combination of legal experience and community knowledge. Mr. Koweek was elected to the Hudson City Court bench in 2009.

Judge Koweek said, “Recent events opened a position of County Court judge for Columbia County. It is my firm belief that my background, temperament, experience and understanding of this community uniquely qualifies me for that position”.

“As a lifelong Columbia County resident I have also raised my family here. The countless hours spent working with others to make this community a great place to live have been their own reward. Serving on the Board of Directors of Columbia Memorial Hospital, The Columbia Children's Foundation, the Second Show and Parsons Child and Family Center, as well on the School Board for the Hudson City School District and as a director of the Ghostly Gallup, the Hudson Library road race demonstrate my commitment to community service and have provided me an understanding of the issues facing this community.   As a practicing attorney in Columbia County since 1979, I have continued this tradition of community service by providing many not-for profit organizations pro bono (at no fee) legal services”.

“This position is a multifaceted judicial obligation, as the County Court jurisdiction is broad and diverse. It requires a person with sensitivity and understanding when dealing with emotional family issues. It requires a person who is firm and forthright when dealing with people who have harmed others. It requires a person who understands legal complexities of the estate and civil practice. Finally, in all aspects, it requires a person who is fair and will respect all who come before the Court. With my varied experiences as a practicing attorney in Columbia County for the past 32 years, and my judicial experience obtained on the City Court bench I am ready, willing, and able to assume the responsibilities of this important office and to deliver the high quality judicial service the citizens of Columbia County should expect and receive from their judicial representatives”.

“It is my hope that as this campaign develops over the next several months, the citizens of Columbia County will recognize my commitment to the community and public service, support me in my quest to become the next Columbia County Court Judge, and bestow upon me the privilege of continuing to serve”.