Saturday, September 10, 2011

Council President Don Moore Endorses Nick Haddad for Mayor

Common Council President Don Moore has issued the following endorsement of Nick Haddad for Mayor of the City of Hudson.

Hudson is a special, complex community.  Its success has always depended upon tenacious, smart leaders in business and government who are committed to making Hudson a growing place to work and live.  I am convinced that Nick Haddad is a leader in that Hudson mold.  He has built a business and raised a family in Hudson.  He has a big heart the reach to embrace our City – all of it – and make it better.

Having spent a year and a half now getting to know what Hudson needs from its elected officials, I can tell you that being a success as Mayor means you are willing to go out of your way when people need help.   That is the Nick Haddad I know.  We need somebody who can get things done, who can organize the most effective city government possible and do so with our limited resources.

It isn’t enough to say Nick is smart.  Sure, he is.  But he is also capable and experienced, which means he’s shown he can put his talents to work consistently and effectively.

And he has a great sense of humor. That’s what provides balance when events try to knock you off your game.  Part of that is just Nick’s nature.  He enjoys life, especially as he lives it here.  Part of it also comes from being tested by life and succeeding when others might think the odds are too great.  That’s what entrepreneurs do.  That is what Nick will bring to the job of Mayor.

It is a pleasure to support Nick for Mayor.

Don Moore
Hudson Common Council President