Saturday, September 3, 2011

Vote for Sarah Sterling for 1st Ward Supervisor

Sarah Sterling
On Tuesday September 13th, there is a Democratic Primary in Hudson's 1st Ward for Supervisor. Current Alderman, Sarah Sterling is the endorsed Democrat for 1st Ward Supervisor.

Sarah has served two terms as 1st Ward Alderman.  She is chair of the Common Council's Finance Committee along with membership on many other committees.  She was previously the Chair of Police and Fire Committees as well.

In addition Sarah,
• Served as liaison for Seniors on the Common Council and has been active in the plans for the new Senior Center. 
• Worked tirelessly for the betterment of all of Hudson, demanding openness and transparency along with fiscal responsibility. 
• Took the lead on the removal of the salt trucks from the waterfront. 
• Has been fighting for fair and reasonable assessments for all. 
• Believes that making the LWRP a reality, is of the utmost importance to the economic growth of all of Hudson and that the document must reflect the desires of all of it’s residents. 

We need Sarah to be a strong voice on the county level to ensure that Hudson has the recognition that it deserves, as the economic engine of Columbia County.

Read Sarah's letter to 1st Ward residents here.

• To see a Sample of the 1st Ward Ballot click here
• 1st Ward residents vote at St.Mary's Academy on Allen Street just above 3rd Street.
• The polls are open from Noon until 9pm.
• If you need a ride to the poll or you need an absentee ballot, please call 518-444-0175.