Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nick Haddad Appointed 1st Ward Alderman

In a strong show of unity, 
Hudson's Common Council has appointed
 Nick Haddad as New 1st Ward Alderman.
City Clerk Tracy Delaney swears in Nick Haddad while Common Council President Don Moore looks on.
At a special meeting tonight, called for the sole purpose of filling the vacancy left by the resignation of Larissa Thomas-Parks, the Hudson Common Council has appointed Nick Haddad to the seat.

The appointment was unanimous with the exception of 4th Ward Alderman Ohrine Stewart who was absent.

Alderman Haddad was sworn in immediately following the vote.

1st Ward residents met the previous Saturday at a meeting organized by Supervisor Sarah Sterling and Alderman Dave Marston. A straw poll was conducted which went overwhelmingly for Haddad. Sterling and Marston also brought forth a number of constituent emails and letters supporting Haddad.  A petition circulated by 1st Ward residents supporting Mr. Haddad was also presented to the Council, urging them to appoint him as 1st Ward Alderman.

The Hudson City Democratic Committee thanks 1st Ward residents who made their voices heard and the Common Council members who supported the will of 1st Ward residents. 

We also congratulate Mr. Haddad and look forward to him serving the people of his Ward.