Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hudson Democrats Call on Common Council and Supervisors To Ban Fracking

At the March Meeting of the Hudson City Democratic Committee, the Committee voted unanimously to call on the Hudson Common Council and the Columbia County Board of Supervisors to pass local laws banning the process of Hydraulic Fracturing commonly know as "Fracking" as well as the storage, processing or disposal of Fracking by-products.

Hudson City Democratic Committee
Fracking Resolution
Passed Unanimously Tuesday, March 12th

Whereas, the process of natural gas extraction called hydraulic fracturing (fracking) injects millions of gallons of water and chemicals (fracking brine) into shale to release natural gas, and

Whereas, the by-products of fracking involve the release of formerly stable toxic chemicals, some radioactive, and

Whereas, oil and gas drilling is currently exempt from disclosing the makeup of fracking chemicals and by-products and is exempt from liability for any spills and contamination that results from such drilling, and  

Whereas, gas wells using hydraulic fracturing require the transport by truck of millions of gallons of fracking fluid, and

Whereas the nature of Columbia County roads and infrastructure are mostly of a rural nature and unable to support increased heavy truck traffic, and

Whereas fracking brine is being proposed as a low cost road de-icer, and

Whereas the possiblity of an accident from the transportation and/or storage of fracking brine poses a danger to the health and safety of Hudson and Columbia County residents, and

Whereas, the Hudson City Democratic Committee is concerned about the health and safety of our community, and

Whereas, the significant adverse environmental impacts from hydraulic fracturing are likely to result in the degradation of the City and County's aesthetic resources, community character, local economy, open and recreational spaces, and water resources.

Therefore be it resolved that the Hudson City Democratic Committee opposes hydraulic fracturing and encourages Hudson's Common Council and the Columbia County Board of Supervisors to enact local laws through their home rule authority, banning oil or gas drilling, banning the storage of any fracking brine or by-products, banning the processing of fracking fluids at water treatment facilities and banning the use of any fracking by-products for deicing roads.