Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hudson Democrats Release 2013 Platform

On Tuesday July 30th 2013, the Hudson City Democratic Committee adopted our 2013 Platform.

Hudson City Democratic Committee
2013 Platform

The Hudson Democratic Party believes that the current property tax burden is too high and unsustainable in the long term. Hudson's population decline must be reversed so that a greater number of people can share the collective tax burden. We support initiatives to increase housing density to help drive down taxes.

Economic Development and Jobs
The Hudson Democratic Party supports economic development in Hudson that address problems of unemployment, underemployment, low pay, bankruptcy and previous incarceration. The Democratic Party believes in the obligation of governments at all levels to help provide citizens with opportunities to earn a decent living in a fulfilling job. That includes advocating for increased access to public transportation, and efforts to build and enhance a qualified workforce through training opportunities that emphasize career and technical education.

Government Transparency
The Hudson Democratic Party believes that government transparency lies at the heart of good government. We advocate for clear agendas at Common Council meetings, and sharing all documents with the public that will be discussed and voted on by the Common Council. We will enhance the current Hudson City website, make communicating with the city's elected officials easier and ensure that all relevant documents are made available in a timely manner.

Support for Diversity
The Hudson Democratic Party supports increased diversity in employment in all levels of city and county government, and believes that all government jobs should be posted in a timely manner to ensure that anyone who is interested can apply. We will make diverse voices more audible on county and city advisory boards and work to make the Democratic Committee more diverse and inclusive. We will encourage candidates from all sectors of our society to seek public office, and support making all public buildings open to the public and accessible to the people with disabilities.

Waterfront Development
The Hudson Democrat Party supports development at our waterfront that follows the principles of smart growth. Any development must meet the long-term needs of the residents, current and future, including flood defence, housing, recreation and environmental restoration and enhancement. We support reviving the Waterfront Development Plan, and addressing, as quickly as possible, the remaining controversies.

Truck Traffic
The Hudson Democratic Party supports and promotes any effort to radically reduce the number of trucks passing through our city and mitigate against the impacts of the current truck traffic that is a daily part of life in the City of Hudson. We acknowledge that truck traffic and congestion impact Hudson's growing economy, takes a significant toll on our infrastructure, impacts quality of life and is a matter of environmental justice for large sections of our community.

Preserving Hudson's Natural Resources
The Hudson Democratic Party believes the residents of Hudson should be assured that the air they breathe is pure, the water they drink is clean, the land they live on is safe from environmental hazards, the food they eat is healthy and when possible, locally grown. We support initiatives to reduce stormwater run-off, improve drainage and enhance the City's resilience against significant flood events. We support solar, wind and geo-thermal initiatives in any municipal properties where these technologies are viable.

The Hudson Democratic Party supports increased community policing and efforts to recruit officers that represent the diversity of Hudson's population. We believe that policing should support the City's efforts to improve the quality of life for all its residents, and that the bulk of police resources should be used to address serious crime.

Weighted Vote
The Hudson Democratic Party supports the elimination or rebalancing of the weighted vote to create more equal representation citywide.

Tenant Protections
The Hudson Democratic Party supports tenant protections through increased enforcement of housing codes. We support new initiatives and partnerships to rehabilitate substandard housing.

Enhancing Public Services
The Hudson Democratic Party is committed to maintaining strong public services that meet the needs of Hudson residents. We believe that public services are best provided by publicly owned and accountable institutions, and that privatization is not a cost effective way to address short falls in service provision.

Historic Preservation
The Hudson Democratic Party supports the Hudson Historic Preservation Commission and advocates for increased code enforcement. We recognize that the maintenance and rehabilitation of older buildings in our community -whether private residences, schools, churches, stores, theaters, factories or agricultural buildings - enhances neighborhood pride and stability. Rehabilitation for re-use also represents labor-intensive activities that bolster our local economy and increases our tax base.