Monday, September 9, 2013

Working Families Party Makes Hudson Endorsements

The Working Families Party has made endorsements in Hudson and Columbia County. 

In the City of Hudson, the Working Families Party endorsements are:

Mayor - Victor Mendolia
City Treasurer - Heather S. Campbell
Common Council President - Don A. Moore
1st Ward Aldermen - Nicholas C. Haddad and David Marston
3rd Ward Aldermen - John K. Friedman and Henry Haddad
4th Ward Alderman - Alexis B Keith
5th Ward Aldermen - Eileen Halloran and Megan K. Carr
Columbia County Sheriff - Michael A (Mike) Winnie

The Hudson City Democratic Committee congratulates all of the endorsed candidates and thanks the Working Families Party for their engagement and participation in Hudson elections. 

Each of the endorsed candidates will be on the Working Families Party ballot line (Row D) in addition to the Democratic Party line (Row A).