Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hudson Democrats Make Endorsements

The Hudson City Democratic Committee met on June 2nd to vote on endorsements in this year’s local races. The committee has endorsed Tiffany Martin Hamilton as its candidate for Mayor, Victor Mendolia for Common Council President and Heather Campbell for Treasurer amongst others. 

The endorsements which were approved are as follows:

Mayor - Tiffany Martin Hamilton
Common Council President - UPDATE: TOM DEPIETRO (PREVIOUSLY Victor Mendolia)
Treasurer - Heather Campbell
1st Ward Supervisor - Sarah Sterling
1st Ward Aldermen - Rick Rector and Michael O’Hara
2nd Ward Supervisor - Edward Cross III
2nd Ward Aldermen - Abdus Miah and Tiffany Garriga
3rd Ward Supervisor - Don Moore
3rd Ward Alderman - John Friedman
4th Ward Supervisor - William Hughes Jr.
4th Ward Aldermen - Alexis Keith and Rich Volo
5th Ward Supervisor - Rick Scalera
5th Ward Aldermen - Justin Goldman and Ken Hollenbeck