Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hudson Democrats Endorse Tom DePietro For Common Council President
HUDSON—The Hudson City Democratic Committee has endorsed Tom DePietro for Common Council President. DePietro promises a more civil, open, honest and informed government.

As Common Council President, DePietro will help contribute to many of the Hudson City Democratic Committee’s top priorities. He will increase job opportunities, reform the tax structure, enhance public services such as public transportation, and add more affordable housing.

“DePietro values open and honest government.” says Michael Chameides, Chair of the Hudson Democrats. “As Council President he will seek everyone’s input and then steer the City in the right direction.”

His community volunteer experience will help him create a Common Council that represents everyone’s best interest. As a member of the Hudson Planning Commission, he has gained knowledge of critical needs for the city and its residents. As a fundraiser and radio host for WGXC, he has worked with experts and concerned citizens on a host of issues. And as a volunteer with the Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center, he has worked to bridge the racial and economic gaps that exist in Hudson. DePietro’s leadership will improve the quality of life of residents across Hudson.

“I’m glad to accept the Hudson Democrat’s endorsement,” says DePietro. “Together we will work to make this great city even better.”


The Hudson Democrats have endorsed DePietro, however he will not appear on the Democratic line on the November 3 elections. DePietro is appearing on Row I, the All-Hudson Party Line.

The candidate on the Democratic Line of the Ballot, Victor Mendolia, has dropped out of the race due to health concerns. However, he left the race after the official cut-off and can’t be removed from the ballot.
“On November 3, don’t vote for me,” says Mendolia. “Make your vote count by doing what I will be doing, voting for Tom DePietro for Common Council President. I’m supporting DePietro and so is the Hudson City Democratic Committee, I hope that all of my supporters will too.”