Sunday, August 7, 2016

Support For Immigrant Access to Driver's Licenses

Hudson Democrats and Hudson City Council Pass Resolution in Support of Changing State Law

In March 2016, leaders of the Columbia County Democratic Party met with a group of Hispanics who want to get more involved with the Democratic Party. At the meeting, they discussed the challenges for immigrants to obtain a driver’s license and how that contributes to a general sentiment that Hispanics live in the shadows.

Building on this conversation and connecting with a state wide campaign, the Hudson Democrats passed a resolution in support of NY State issuing driver's licenses to residents regardless of immigration status.

On August 8, Hudson Democrat Majority Leader Tiffany Garriga submitted a resolution for the Hudson City Council to call upon the New York State legislature and Governor Cuomo to promptly ensure the issuance of driver’s licenses to all New York State residents, regardless of immigration status. Read the Register Star article or watch the video below (issue begins at 6:10).

On August 16, the Hudson city council unanimously passed the resolution.

UPDATED: 8/22/16