Sunday, October 2, 2016

Support the 2016 Election Efforts

With one month to go until Nov. 8, it’s important to remember how the national spectacle that is the Trump campaign came to be. The hate-full Trump candidacy and the toxic political environment are direct products of decades of right-wing organizing. Ultra-conservatives increasingly ran for, and won, local office and school board seats. They went on to the state level and redrew congressional districts. Then they won a majority of Congress where they refuse to legislate, in favor of pure obstructionism.

It is only against this foundation of right-wing organizing that a Trump campaign is possible. This is just one of many reasons for why being an engaged, local Democrat matters. Your support in this next election is critical!

We have three powerful Democratic candidates: Zephyr Teachout for Congress; Didi Barrett, running for her third full term in the New York Assembly; and Shaun Francis, running for the State Senate against a very conservative incumbent. There will also be a ballot initiative on the future of weighted voting in Hudson, a system the Hudson Democrats oppose as it assigns residents unequal representation in our city government.

Your contribution will help fund crucial local mailings and other outreach efforts to support our slate of progressive candidates. State legislature races are often narrowly decided. Hudson is extremely important in these races, because we have a high concentration of Democrats who regularly vote.

We’re asking for your support to build Hudson’s progressive Democratic base not only for this year but to strengthen our efforts for the 2017 local elections and beyond.