Friday, November 18, 2016

Local Election Success

As we take in the reality of a new Trump presidency amidst a Republican controlled Congress, it is important to celebrate a few, local bright spots from this Election.

  • Two local Propositions endorsed by the Hudson Democrats passed by wide margins:
    • Prop 1 gave all residents fair and equal representation in our city government. 
    • Prop 2 showed our city’s commitment to our volunteer firefighters by allowing them to accrue a modest retirement benefit.
  • Hudson voters had a strong showing for Didi Barrett and helped secure her reelection to the New York State Assembly. With 81% of the vote, Didi received significantly more votes in Hudson than she did 2 years ago. Once absentees are counted, her lead is sure to increase.
  • Hudson voters had a strong showing for Hillary Clinton (and the rest of the Democrat line). In Hudson, Hillary Clinton got 72% vs Trump’s 22%. Once absentee ballots are counted, it is likely that Hillary will have garnered more Hudson votes than Obama did in 2012. 

While we take some comfort in this, there is no denying that progressive causes and ideals will be under attack, on a national scale. What can we do? Here in our corner of the world, we will continue to advance candidates and causes that help make our “Progress for All” platform a reality. We must redouble our efforts to make Hudson a safe place where people have access to opportunities, housing, positive engagement with the government, and a better quality of life. In the bigger scheme of things—your voice, your votes, your actions matter now more than ever, on the local, state, and national level. It is not time to sit on the sidelines. On that note, this timely piece from Slate magazine, How to Channel Your Post-Election Anger, Sadness, and Fear Into Action, is worth a read (and a share.) Please contact us if you would like to get involved.