Friday, February 24, 2017

Affordable Housing in Hudson Public Forum

The Hudson Democrats helped organize a forum on Affordable Housing in Hudson on February 23. For those to unable attend, here is a summary of what happened at the event:

  • “Affordable housing” means different things at different income levels, and can include both rental and home buying. Any Affordable Housing plan for Hudson needs to address the real needs of the people of Hudson, which will be assessed before a plan is made. 
  • A long-term plan will help ensure that we are creating the right balance and variety. 
  • We need to build public support and pressure to move these projects forward.
  • While we are working on longer term projects, we can queue up projects by doing title searches and Phase 1 Environment Study now.



  • Attend the next HDC meeting: Tuesday, March 28 12 noon, 1 North Front Street (Chamber of Commerce) 
  • Attend the next HCDPA meeting: Thursday, March 23, 12 noon, 1 North Front Street (Chamber of Commerce) 
  • Help plan the next forum (email me
  • Communicate with your elected officials about your concern for Affordable Housing in Hudson


William Hughes, Jr.
Minority Leader, Columbia County Board of Supervisors

Tiffany Garriga
Majority Leader, Hudson Common Council
Board Member, Hudson Community Development Planning Agency

Matthew Nelson
VP Mortgage Officer, Community Preservation Corporation
Former Deputy Commissioner and President of the Office of Community Renewal, NYS Home and Community Renewal

Moderated by Michael Chameides, Chair of the Hudson City Democratic Committee