Thursday, February 9, 2017

Join the Hudson City Democratic Committee

In the early weeks of the Trump administration, we see clearly that politics is NOT a spectator sport. Longstanding American ideals such as freedom and inclusivity are under attack, with Republicans sanctioning, rationalizing, or looking away.

Fortunately, Democrats are confronting this threat head-on. Engagement matters at every level of government, including local, where movements like Sanctuary Cities counteract Trump’s darker impulses, and protect the most vulnerable among us.

In that spirit, consider becoming a committee member of the Hudson City Democratic Committee (HCDC).


With the goal of Progress for All, HCDC builds grassroots support for policy initiatives and candidates. HCDC is the official local chapter of the Democratic Party and works to ensure fair and transparent local elections. Our success is in large part dependent on our committee members and their commitment. Our work includes:
  • Organize events and activities to build support, increase active Democratic voters, and expand Party infrastructure 
  • Get candidates on the ballot by gathering petition signatures 
  • Fundraise to support campaigns 
  • Support engaged, fair, and transparent elections by organizing poll inspectors, poll watchers, and get out the vote efforts 


HCDC members are elected biannually during the September Primary - there are two members for each of the election districts. There are currently six election districts and with the passage of the Fair & Equal referendum, there will be five election districts in the 2017 election cycle. Committee members do not need to live in the election district they represent, although it is encouraged.

In addition to the election district representatives, The HCDC has up to five officers, elected by the committee members. Officers do not need to be one of the election district representatives. Currently all of the officers are also election district representatives.


If you are interested in running for a seat, or in volunteering, please contact Michael Chameides, Chair or Kevin Hannan, Vice Chair.

We periodically have vacancies or can make room for additional committee members if officers resign their election district. These seats are filled by a majority vote of the council. Additionally, there are several un-elected, volunteer opportunities for canvassing, fundraising, and community events.