Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Donate to HCDC

These are trying times for our country. Two months into a Trump presidency, we see a bellicose administration bent on taking down our schools, eliminating affordable care, terrifying immigrants, denigrating our cities and cultural institutions, and transferring wealth to the already-wealthy.

There is a silver lining: Democrats are revitalized and uniting. We appreciate now more than ever the need for strong Democratic candidates at every level. Government is not something we assume someone else will take care of—it’s up to us to get the right people in place.

That’s why the Hudson City Democrats are raising additional funds this year to promote our candidates, with events, palm cards, signs, and mailings. Our role is to ensure they are visible, and that their positions are understood.

Equally important is an informed electorate. That’s why we’re expanding our work this year to push on crucial issues like Affordable Housing and Immigration.

For these reasons, we ask your contribution. If you found yourself on November 9 wondering what you could do, this is something—help us get the right people in office this year and next. We hope you will contribute online or send a check to:

Hudson City Democratic Committee
PO Box 22
Hudson NY 12534

Thanks for your support.