Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hudson Candidates

The Hudson City Democratic Committee (HCDC) has endorsed 14 local candidates whose goals align with the committee’s vision of "Progress for All." The candidates have committed to work toward a more inclusive city that meets the needs of all its residents. These candidates have identified economic development, affordable housing, and the waterfront as important issues for the next term.

Rick Rector


Heather Campbell

Treasurer (Incumbent)

  • Issued two municipal bonds
  • Insured the city would benefit from the Governor’s tax freeze credit by submitting a government efficiency plan
  • Established two reserve funds for Ferry Street bridge and tower truck
  • Committed to transparent city finances
  • Long-Term economic development planning which balances investment in city capital requirements with revenues
  • Population retention & growth
  • Waterfront development

Sarah Sterling

1st Ward Supervisor (Incumbent)

  • Six years as Supervisor for the First Ward, four years as Alderwoman
  • Deputy Chair Health and Services, also on Public Works, Economic Development, Salary Study, Airport, and Sewer
  • Member Union Negotiating Committees saving taxpayer money by reducing costs
  • Serves on numerous county committees and boards, including CSB, CEDC and Columbia County IDA
  • On committee for the handicap ramp at Promenade Hill
  • Improving infrastructure, including failing water and sewer lines, sidewalks, and Ferry Street Bridge
  • Housing for All – preventing the stockpiling of real estate which has taken many properties off the market and kept rents high
  • Negotiating the Hudson police contract in a timely fashion to ensure best results for both sides and save the city money
  • Planning and completion of the North Bay Project and outdoor recreation area
  • Successful completion of permanent handicap ramp at Promenade Park

Kamal Johnson

1st Ward Alderman

  • Co-host of WGXC’s “Drive Time Radio”
  • Worked on the initial planning process of the Promise Neighborhood Planning Grant
  • Serves as the coordinator of Promise Opportunity Parenting Strengths (POPS), a fatherhood initiative run by fathers in the community
  • A recognizable civic leader
  • Encourage the development of housing that is affordable
  • Bridging intergenerational and socioeconomic gaps to improve residents’ quality of life
  • Increase access to resources for the youth of Hudson

Victor Mendolia

2nd Ward Alderman

Tiffany Garriga

2nd Ward Alderman (Incumbent)

  • Community Leader serving Hudson
  • Board member and Committee member of Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhoods, SBK Social Justice Center, the United Way of Columbia and Greene County, and It Can Happen To You
  • Led efforts for street signage to protect children in her Ward
  • Created educational events for youth organizations
  • Organized the repair of sprinklers in Promenade Hill Park
  • Helped create computer rooms for public housing and educational programs
  • Elected Majority Leader for three years
  • Introduced and passed resolutions on the Common Council including support for major Hudson concerns such as the Handicap ramp at Promenade Hill
  • Establishing a network with State, County and Local officials to create an implementable framework for affordable housing for all
  • Work with City officials to improve business and commercial development for greater employment opportunities for Hudson
  • Increasing revenue for Hudson through collection and grant applications while conserving our financial resources

Michael Chameides

3rd Ward Supervisor

  • Supports progressive candidates, issues, and community as Chair of the Hudson City Democratic Committee
  • Developed opportunities for youth by teaching workshops, supporting youth-led initiatives, and advocating for better government policy
  • Strengthened the community by working with the Bangladeshi Cultural Fair, Columbia Land
  • Conservancy, Haitian Community Development Project, Time & Space Limited, and WGXC
  • Collaborates with government officials, community members, and organizations
  • Improve the lives of all our residents through economic development, increased access to housing, and workforce development
  • Use the power and resources of the County government to benefit Hudson and 3rd Ward residents
  • Keep the public informed of County government policy and encourage public participation in local government

Shershah Mizan

3rd Ward Alderman

  • Member of the Hudson City Democratic Committee
  • Volunteer with the Hudson Islamic Center and the Hudson Lions Club
  • Dedicated to serving the community
  • Improve educational and economic opportunities
  • Job training that leads to better jobs
  • Reduce local taxes and streamline expenditures

Calvin Lewis

3rd Ward Alderman

  • Mentor at the Mental Health Association
  • Serves on the Youth Center’s recreation staff
  • Former member of AmeriCorps
  • Improve youth services as part of a long-term investment in the city’s future
  • Empower and engage the city’s youth
  • Align priorities of Hudson to restore a sense of integrity to the community

William Hughes Jr.

4th Ward Supervisor (Incumbent)

  • Current Columbia County Board of Supervisors Minority Leader
  • Co-founded the Columbia County Opioid Epidemic Response Plan
  • Founding Member of Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood
  • Served on City Council, IDA, HDC, HCDPA, County Youth Advisory Board, Board of Directors of Boys and Girls Club
  • Co-founded Columbia County Re-entry program
  • Leading a study of affordable housing needs in Hudson and Columbia County
  • Leading a sub-committee on Opioid/Heroin addiction, and partner with NYS to bring a treatment facility to Columbia County
  • Co-leading an effort to create a City/County municipal campus
  • Developing and protecting the Hudson waterfront
  • Leading the County effort to create new homeless housing, with transportation and wrap-around services, i.e. counseling

John Rosenthal

4th Ward Alderman

  • Historical writer and researcher
  • Community activist
  • Tutor at Bard Prison Initiative, as well as many other dedicated volunteer positions
  • Minimizing truck traffic within the City
  • The development of Hudson’s waterfront
  • Smart economic planning for Hudson's long-term growth
  • Responsible, respectful and good government for the people
  • Development of fair housing policies

Richard E. Scalera

5th Ward Supervisor (Incumbent)

  • Sits on the Health and Human Services and County Government committees as current 5th Ward Supervisor
  • Negotiated contracts with four bargaining units of the City, balancing taxpayer savings with fair wages
  • Deep understanding of City government after decades of public service
  • Making the City affordable to those at all income levels
  • Finding additional revenue streams without taxing Hudson residents, while simultaneously controlling spending
  • Improving civic government and creating an atmosphere of growth and inclusion

Eileen Halloran

5th Ward Alderwoman

  • City of Hudson Treasurer 2007-2013
  • Board member - Hudson Industrial Development Agency 2007-2013
  • Board member - Hudson Development Corporation 2014-2017
  • Experienced, active local decision maker
  • Bolster Hudson's efforts on housing with focus on long term vacant properties and rising taxes
  • Robust and reliable transportation solutions to connect Hudson workforce with local area jobs and job training/education
  • Resolution of Colarusso haul road expansion to get as much truck traffic out of Hudson as possible from Fairview Ave all the way to the river
  • Engage local and state conservation expertise for innovative solutions to protect the North and South bays

Dominic Merante

5th Ward Alderman

  • 30 years of human services experience, working with the City’s various youth programs
  • Disabilities advocate for children and adults
  • Lifelong resident and supporter of Hudson’s interests
  • Member of Columbia County ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
  • Work with government agencies to create long-term solutions to affordable housing issues
  • Create greater opportunities for the police department and youth of the City to work together, such as a Police Athletic League (PAL) and the law-enforcement explorer programs
  • Make Hudson a fully accessible city, including within parks and at City Hall
Vote in the Democratic Primary on September 12 and the General Election on November 7. Read more about the endorsements process in our May press release