Thursday, October 19, 2017

Democratic Candidates

Progress for All

Vote for Democrat on November 7 - Row A

Julian Schreibman

State Supreme Court
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Peter Volkmann

Columbia County Sheriff
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Andrea “Cricket” Coleman

Columbia County Coroner
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Rick Rector


Heather Campbell

Treasurer (Incumbent)

  • Issued two municipal bonds
  • Insured the city would benefit from the Governor’s tax freeze credit by submitting a government efficiency plan
  • Established two reserve funds for Ferry Street bridge and tower truck
  • Committed to transparent city finances
  • Long-Term economic development planning which balances investment in city capital requirements with revenues
  • Population retention & growth
  • Waterfront development

Thomas DePietro

City Council President

  • Chair, City Planning Board
  • Member of St. James the Less outreach committee delivering money and supplies for the needy
  • WGXC fundraising, community programming and outreach participant
  • Volunteer at Hudson Reads & SBK Food Pantry
  • Waterfront Advisory Steering Committee member
  • Member of the Industrial Development Agency, assisted in development of Stageworks property which brought taxes and employment to local people 
  • Create more affordable and low-income Housing
  • Facilitate job opportunities for those not benefiting from the current economic upswing
  • Bring all neighborhoods and communities together with a sense of common purpose and develop consensus for a united Hudson
  • Insist on transparency and accountability of public office holders and the decision making process which affects us all

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Sarah Sterling

1st Ward Supervisor (Incumbent)

  • Six years as Supervisor for the First Ward, four years as Alderwoman
  • Deputy Chair Health and Services, also on Public Works, Economic Development, Salary Study, Airport, and Sewer
  • Member Union Negotiating Committees saving taxpayer money by reducing costs
  • Serves on numerous county committees and boards, including CSB, CEDC and Columbia County IDA
  • On committee for the handicap ramp at Promenade Hill
  • Improving infrastructure, including failing water and sewer lines, sidewalks, and Ferry Street Bridge
  • Housing for All – preventing the stockpiling of real estate which has taken many properties off the market and kept rents high
  • Negotiating the Hudson police contract in a timely fashion to ensure best results for both sides and save the city money
  • Planning and completion of the North Bay Project and outdoor recreation area
  • Successful completion of permanent handicap ramp at Promenade Park

Rob Bujan

1st Ward Alderman

  • Member, City of Hudson Planning Board 
  • Prior board member & Executive Director of the Hudson Pride Foundation
  • Prior Vice President and board member of the non-profit Live Dance Live
  • Founder and board member of OutHudson, LLC 
  • Co-managed the mayoral campaign for Tiffany Martin Hamilton
  • Proudly served in the US Army as part of a long line of family tradition. 
  • Helping to balance the transition of Hudson's future with its past 
  • Find solutions to help with affordable housing across all wards. 
  • Ensure local access and education on affordable health care 
  • Create employment opportunities and services for Hudson residents - including training and education on how to prepare for the workforce
  • Create a respectful and collaborative local government that that works together and for the people of Hudson 

Kamal Johnson

1st Ward Alderman

  • Co-host of WGXC’s “Drive Time Radio”
  • Worked on the initial planning process of the Promise Neighborhood Planning Grant
  • Serves as the coordinator of Promise Opportunity Parenting Strengths (POPS), a fatherhood initiative run by fathers in the community
  • A recognizable civic leader
  • Encourage the development of housing that is affordable
  • Bridging intergenerational and socioeconomic gaps to improve residents’ quality of life
  • Increase access to resources for the youth of Hudson

Abdus Miah

2nd Ward Supervisor

  • 12 years’ experience as Alderman of 2nd Ward
  • Member of Industrial Development Agency  
  • Member of Hudson community Development & Planning Agency
  • Volunteered with Hudson Islamic Center
  • Organizer and supporter of Hudson Terrace; Promenade Hill handicap ramp; and resolution for Hudson to become a Sanctuary City 
  • Expand affordable housing for low-income people
  • Fix the Ferry Street Bridge
  • Improve the sidewalks & roads
  • Increase the participation of local youth in college
  • Address transportation issues and needs

Dewan Sarowar

2nd Ward Alderman

  • Volunteer at Hudson Islamic Center
  • Representative and advocate for Bangladeshi community in Hudson
  • Security officer at Columbia Greene Community College
  • Shipping manager at HAVE Inc for past 15 years
  • Resident 2nd Ward for over a decade 
  • Work to create more low-income and affordable housing for Hudson
  • Increase services and activities for the Black, Hispanic and Bangladeshi youth 
  • Create new business districts for more jobs, prosperity and employment, especially for small businesses along Columbia and State Streets
  • Increase the participation of local youth in college
  • Improve Transportation

Tiffany Garriga

2nd Ward Alderman (Incumbent)

  • Community Leader serving Hudson
  • Board member and Committee member of Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhoods, SBK Social Justice Center, the United Way of Columbia and Greene County, and It Can Happen To You
  • Led efforts for street signage to protect children in her Ward
  • Created educational events for youth organizations
  • Organized the repair of sprinklers in Promenade Hill Park
  • Helped create computer rooms for public housing and educational programs
  • Elected Majority Leader for three years
  • Introduced and passed resolutions on the Common Council including support for major Hudson concerns such as the Handicap ramp at Promenade Hill
  • Establishing a network with State, County and Local officials to create an implementable framework for affordable housing for all
  • Work with City officials to improve business and commercial development for greater employment opportunities for Hudson
  • Increasing revenue for Hudson through collection and grant applications while conserving our financial resources

Michael Chameides

3rd Ward Supervisor

  • Supports progressive candidates, issues, and community as Chair of the Hudson City Democratic Committee
  • Developed opportunities for youth by teaching workshops, supporting youth-led initiatives, and advocating for better government policy
  • Strengthened the community by working with the Bangladeshi Cultural Fair, Columbia Land
  • Conservancy, Haitian Community Development Project, Time & Space Limited, and WGXC
  • Collaborates with government officials, community members, and organizations
  • Improve the lives of all our residents through economic development, increased access to housing, and workforce development
  • Use the power and resources of the County government to benefit Hudson and 3rd Ward residents
  • Keep the public informed of County government policy and encourage public participation in local government

Shershah Mizan

3rd Ward Alderman

  • Member of the Hudson City Democratic Committee
  • Volunteer with the Hudson Islamic Center and the Hudson Lions Club
  • Dedicated to serving the community
  • Improve educational and economic opportunities
  • Job training that leads to better jobs
  • Reduce local taxes and streamline expenditures

Calvin Lewis

3rd Ward Alderman

  • Mentor at the Mental Health Association
  • Serves on the Youth Center’s recreation staff
  • Former member of AmeriCorps
  • Improve youth services as part of a long-term investment in the city’s future
  • Empower and engage the city’s youth
  • Align priorities of Hudson to restore a sense of integrity to the community

Linda Mussmann

4th Ward Supervisor 

  • Progressive leader, living and working in the 4th Ward over 25 years 
  • Business owner and landlord who has provided good jobs and affordable housing to local residents
  • Leader in the struggle to keep DSS in Hudson
  • Founding member of the Columbia County Bail Fund 
  • Received the Dewitt Clinton Masonic Award for community service 
  • Helped the Empire Justice Center seek fair treatment for clients of food stamps and Medicaid 
  • Worked to bring The Health Center to 750 Union Street 
  • Opened the doors of TSL to many causes including Planned Parenthood, SBK, Local Farmers, WorkForce NY, Community Forums, Minority Rights, SEIU, Women’s Equality, Mental Health Advocates, among many others. 
  • Opposes gentrification, Airbnbs, and warehousing the homeless without access to needed services 
  • Supports the building of a mosque on Hudson’s north side

John Rosenthal

4th Ward Alderman

  • Historical writer and researcher
  • Community activist
  • Tutor at Bard Prison Initiative, as well as many other dedicated volunteer positions
  • Minimizing truck traffic within the City
  • The development of Hudson’s waterfront
  • Smart economic planning for Hudson's long-term growth
  • Responsible, respectful and good government for the people
  • Development of fair housing policies

Rich Volo

4th Ward Alderman

  • Originator and organizer of the Pride parades in Hudson. Organized Bed Races and dozens of other community events.
  • Over twenty-five years of Finance IT/Computer experience.  Started customer support desk in Hudson - and created full-time/good benefit jobs in Hudson.
  • Tutor at Hudson Area Library
  • Cookie sales throughout Hudson, direct relationship to people
  • Tutor at Hudson Area Library Tutoring program
  • Safety for 4th Ward Residents.
  • Interaction, communication, and engagement of 4th Ward Residents, create a sense of community.
  • Transportation for residents to shopping and getting trucks off city streets.
  • Propose new legislation based on 4th Ward constituent needs; open dialogue.  
  • Getting Trucks off City Streets re: The Colarusso Road Project

Richard E. Scalera

5th Ward Supervisor (Incumbent)

  • Sits on the Health and Human Services and County Government committees as current 5th Ward Supervisor
  • Negotiated contracts with four bargaining units of the City, balancing taxpayer savings with fair wages
  • Deep understanding of City government after decades of public service
  • Making the City affordable to those at all income levels
  • Finding additional revenue streams without taxing Hudson residents, while simultaneously controlling spending
  • Improving civic government and creating an atmosphere of growth and inclusion

Eileen Halloran

5th Ward Alderwoman

  • City of Hudson Treasurer 2007-2013
  • Board member - Hudson Industrial Development Agency 2007-2013
  • Board member - Hudson Development Corporation 2014-2017
  • Experienced, active local decision maker
  • Bolster Hudson's efforts on housing with focus on long term vacant properties and rising taxes
  • Robust and reliable transportation solutions to connect Hudson workforce with local area jobs and job training/education
  • Resolution of Colarusso haul road expansion to get as much truck traffic out of Hudson as possible from Fairview Ave all the way to the river
  • Engage local and state conservation expertise for innovative solutions to protect the North and South bays

Dominic Merante

5th Ward Alderman

  • 30 years of human services experience, working with the City’s various youth programs
  • Disabilities advocate for children and adults
  • Lifelong resident and supporter of Hudson’s interests
  • Member of Columbia County ARES – Amateur Radio Emergency Service
  • Work with government agencies to create long-term solutions to affordable housing issues
  • Create greater opportunities for the police department and youth of the City to work together, such as a Police Athletic League (PAL) and the law-enforcement explorer programs
  • Make Hudson a fully accessible city, including within parks and at City Hall
Vote Row A on the November 7 General Election.