Saturday, August 12, 2017

Peter Volkmann for Columbia County Sherrif

Experience. Integrity. Leadership.

Peter Volkmann’s career has been focused on safety, protection, and crisis intervention. He holds degrees in both Criminal Justice and Social Work. He was a police officer and EMT in Ossining for over 20 years and served as director of the New York State Zone 14 Law Enforcement Academy. During his time as police chief in Stockport, it was named the safest town in the state of New York. Chief Volkmann repeated this achievement in his current position, as chief of the Chatham Police Department, when Chatham was named the safest village in NY. In 2016, Chief Volkmann launched Chatham Cares 4U, a much-praised program to combat the opioid crisis plaguing our community. CC4U helps residents suffering from drug addiction by securing them placement in and transportation to inpatient drug treatment programs.

Chief Volkmann’s record shows that he understands the most pressing challenges facing law enforcement and our communities today. Communities trust law enforcement to keep them safe, but safety goes beyond writing tickets and making arrests. Safety encompasses engaging with the community and establishing trust. Safety means ensuring that law enforcement officers receive training to help them be more effective in crisis situations and keep them safe. Safety also means identifying and finding humane solutions for those in need of help.